We like to welcome you very heartily at the Georg Marschall House in the heart of the historical town of Dinkelsbühl.

The original house has been build around the year 1500 as an double story frame structure building. The house is a class listed historical monument. During the years of 2006/2007 it has been completely renovated to the friendly Bed and Breakfast Hotel of today.

Our house is located at a very calm side street inside the historical walls of the town and within 3-5 walking minutes to the centre.

The name of the hotel has been chosen in honour of the foremost royal painter and sculptor Prof. Georg Marschall (1871-1956). Georg Marschall has been living and working in Dinkelsbühl from 1943 until 1947. Familiarly ties to the present propriertor of the hotel, Sabine Knappmann, are deriving out of this time.